Wonder Woman Party-the Sweet Stuff

Is there any more to say about the Wonder Woman party?
Yes, Oh so much more. Today it's the sweet details.

First, the birthday girl requested Wonder Woman cupcake rings. These would not have been my choice for her birthday celebration. Also, Wonder Woman cupcake rings are surprisingly hard to find-thank goodness for Google. Perhaps the simple cupcakes worked out best since my birthday cakes never quite turn out the way I think they will. The cupcakes were pretty funny though- I wanted to make red and blue colored cupcakes (I've done this at least five times before). My husband bought yellow cake mix. Do you know what happens when you put red and blue food coloring in yellow cake mix?- Yup, orange and green cupcakes! Too funny. Oh well.

The Superhero Suckers. I loved how these turned out. If you want to recreate these at home, here's the super easy instructions: cut a template for the cape (I used glitter cardstock), punch a hole in the cape, squish the bottom of the lollipop wrapper through the cardstock. Cut a template for the mask, glue dots, and Bam! Pow! Kazaam! Instant superhero. I just found these on etsy, so you could go that route instead.


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