Super Superhero Party Activities

Back to the party!
My daughter's Wonder Woman/Superhero party was Super fun to plan. I had tons of ideas, thanks in part to so many great parties on the Internet. Gotta love google. In case you are plannign a Super Wonderful party, here's my activity plan (and lessons learned!).

You can see from the picture above the list of the activities we had at the party. I tried to pick those aimed for the 4-7 crowd.

Create a Cape

I made a basic cape shape out of felt using a superhero cape we already had as a template. I used a Martha Stewart template to cut out a bunch of other felt shapes like lightning bolts, hearts, etc., provided glue and let the kids go. I used velcro dots to "secure" the capes. If I had time, I would have sewed the velcro on; that would have been a great idea. You really need to use something stronger to hold the cape- maybe ribbon or something laced through the cape. I'd also stay away from gluing felt. It doesn't really hold that great and was difficult to use. I'd concentrate on either choosing iron ons or stickers.

Save a Superhero
Using a Wonder Woman character (from a book), I printed out several "heroes" and hid them all over the living room. Each kid needed to "save" one. If I had to do it over again, I would print out WAY more and hide them everywhere. The kids really loved this game and you could easily turn this into a larger game. It would be fun to assign point values for the characters-like the ones up high are worth x, the ones hidden really well are y, etc. I would also have made this game last through the entire party, so kids could keep "finding" heroes and then you could give prizes at the end.

Frame Yourself
I Loved this idea- mod podge vintage comics (what I had left over from making the Wonder Woman banner-oooh, need to show you that!) on wooden frames for cute favors. The problem was that the kids got sort of stalled here. They either LOVED it and spent tons of time at the table, or they got really bored and left quickly.

Mask Mania

There are a ton of mask tutorials, but I have been traveling all summer and I knew I wouldn't have time. So, I ordered masks from The Red Knot. What a great deal-they were reasonably priced, shipped quickly, and look fantastic. I used foam stickers, sequins, etc. In retrospect, I would just stick with paint pens and stickers, the glue was pretty temperamental.

Vaporize Villains

My daughter made three requests for her party: 1) Wonder Woman, 2) Cupcake rings, 3) Silly String. Vaporize Villains fulfilled her Silly String request. Who doesn't love Silly String?! I used a coloring book to find pictures of villains, blew them up and stapled to our fence at varying levels. Then, we let the kids go wild. Easy and fun.

Roll over Crime

We have a huge blow up hamster ball (the kids can get in and roll around). So, each kid (who wanted to), got to "Roll over crime" over the front yard. The kids loved it. The only drawback was the weather- it was probably 100 degrees that day. Our ball is similar to this one.

There you have it, a Super Wonderful party. Next up, the decor, my favorite part!


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