Friday Favorite-Wonder Woman Tiara & Bracelets

Image via maycouture

When my daughter said she wanted a Wonder Woman party, I knew I would need two awesome Wonder Woman outfits (one for her and one for her sister). I was all too happy to make sure I had awesome outfits for the girls (Wonder Woman-heck yeah). The girls and I made shirts, I made skirts (after some trial and error), so I just needed tiaras and bracelets. I searched the web for tiara and bracelet tutorials and even found a couple that didn't look too difficult. Fortunately I realized that I couldn't do it all (THAT was a big realization for me!) But, maycouture could. She made these great Wonder Woman tiaras and bracelets for my daughters. Her prices are extremely reasonable, she was super fast, and just generally a great seller to work with. She also makes really cute Princess Leia costumes-perfect for Halloween!

Wonder Woman Accessories-my Friday Favorite


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