School Days

*Photo editing all messed up-my girls are not an icky gray color. But, yes, M's toenails are painted blue on one foot, purple on the other.

Today my girls started school. It was kind of a big day for us since it meant that our baby (M) is now in Kindergarten. Sniff. Em was also starting a new school; she had been at the same wonderful private preschool and school since she was three. Thankfully, the new school means that both M and Em now go to the same school. We can walk them to school in the morning after having breakfast as a family. So, lots of changes. I was anxious, not because I worried that the girls couldn't handle the changes. I knew they'd be fine. But, because of my concerns- would my girls meet any mean girls, would the kids accept Em since she is the "new" kid, would it overwhelm them to have so much new at one time, would they adjust to "normal" teaching (they've only been exposed to Montessori for the last 3.5 years), etc.

The first day was a resounding success. It was everything we wanted and more. Their teachers seem like truly special women. I'm sure there will be tough days for both of them. Today wasn't tough. Today was special and fun and exciting; everything a mom could hope for.


  1. Yay~ so happy to hear that they had a great first day!!! Let's plan a playdate for the next week or so. We just saw Talia a block from our house so we should include her.

  2. i love that her nails are painted different colors on different feet. i used to do that all the time when i was little :)


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