Love Thursday- Back to School

I've finally found the true test of love: a mother's willingness (stupidity) to venture into Target and go back to school supply shopping. Remember when getting school supplies was fun! and exciting!? It's not like that anymore. It is full combat shopping. I can compare it only to those "Midnight Madness" warehouse sales Harold Powell used to have-C-R-A-Z-Y. The poor Target employees were restocking the shelves faster than you can say "What type of manilla paper do I need?" I went yesterday at lunch, thinking a weekday two and a half weeks before school would be relatively stress free. WRONG! Also, can somebody tell me why you have to get a specific brand of folder or erasers? Doesn't it all accomplish the same purpose? Is it to make parents go crazy before the school year starts???!!!

Of course the girls' school has an online supply order form, that I found out about 2 days after the orders were due...Augh. So, I bought what I could and came home to find an invitation from the PTO inviting me to an event WHERE THEY WILL BE SELLING SCHOOL SUPPLIES. Then, my head exploded.

The things we do for our kids. That's Love, man.


  1. At least you don't have to worry about getting the school supplies anymore! But sounds like Target was a complete nightmare!

  2. Yes, the things we do for love. I had a similar experience at Target for the little man. And I was wondering the whole time, did I really need all this much stuff for 1st grade when I was in school? Don't think so. Times have certainly changed!


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