Friday Favorite: Itsy Bitsy Bikinis

Photo from SouthBeachSwimsuits

My husband told me that we were going on a trip, but kept the location secret. I figured there would be a beach, and hopefully it would be relatively secluded. I decided to go completely out of my comfort zone and and buy some sexier bikinis. I immediately found the Vitamin A line. I tried the wrap-around top, although it fit the bill in terms of va-va-VOOM, it was a MAJOR wardrobe malfunction. (If you have anything up top, I would caution you not to get the suit unless you plan on remaining perfectly still the entire time.) I found two bikinis by Vitamin A that fit the bill- great quality, sexy, daring, but not too showy. The Vitamin A line tends to run fairly expensive, but I've found great deals on and ideeli. While I wouldn't wear the bikinis for pool parties or play dates, sometimes you need a little sexy in your life. Actually, a lot of sexy. Sometimes going outside of your comfort zone can be well worth it.

Vitamin A swimwear my Friday Favorite.

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  1. I am dreading bathing suit shopping for our upcoming trip. I am sure you looked fab in your defined body!


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