Wishful Wednesday

Why I wish I had these Bow Tied Beauties

I think it’s well settled that I love Anthropologie. I love the way their store looks and inspires me (to buy-Ha!). I love that their clothes are unique enough that you don’t see everyone wearing them. I love their awesome customer service. What I do not love is the dedicated Anthropologie shopping contingent that makes sale items disappear just as soon as they go on sale. I missed one of my wish items and can’t stop thinking about it. These Bow Tied Beauty boots.

Boots for me are a tough sell. I have no problem buying cowboy boots. That purchase makes sense for a Texas gal. I also have a couple pairs of leather boots that I can wear with skirts & dresses in the fall. But, boots like this are hard for me to justify. We (usually) don’t get that cold. Where would I wear them? I can’t pay $$$ for them. Until this winter. Dang. It’s been COLD. My feet are freezing. Tomorrow I have client meetings in Santa Fe, New Mexico where it is -5 at night! And I have no real shoes to wear. Not Good. These perfect boots FINALLY went on sale a couple weeks ago. SOLD OUT before I could check the sale in the morning. I may have even resorted to calling Customer Service every few days to see if anyone, anywhere has returned a pair. No dice.

The worst part is that my usual Internet shopping has turned up nothing. I know the designer, Lucky Penny, but NOBODY else carries their shoes. I’ve checked Endless, 6pm, Amazon, Zappos, Nordstrom, Overstock, all the usual suspects, Nothing.

If you see a pair of these anywhere (8 or 8.5), let me know! Moral of the story- always buy the boots. Always.


  1. Those boots are great. I remember seeing them in the catalog and loving them. Boots + bows = awesome. Hopefully you can track a pair down.

  2. Very cute! Regardless of our climate I wear boots almost daily in the winter here. Heels to work and flats after work/on weekends. Good luck finding these and have a safe trip!!

  3. Always. I'm suffering the same fate with a Marc Jacobs sweater I saw online at Nordstrom.

    Gone. Maybe it's with your boots?

  4. Hi, I ran across your blog and saw the picture of these boots. My best friend is the manager at an Anthro in Portland. She has these pair of boots in an 8.5 that she has never worn. She just asked me the other day if I wanted to buy them because she doesn't need them! I said no but it sounds like you would say yes? I have a blog myself...www.mymanymoments.blogspot.com
    If you are interested in the boots leave me a message and I will let her know.
    Take care,


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