Tweets & Twits from My Life

Some of you follow me on Twitter (aren't you lucky?!), but since most of you may not, I thought today was a good day to include some snippets from my life over the past couple months:

"Does it count if we're just naked?" (Overheard from Em at bath time)

"Did you know boys can be named "Bob"?" said in a whisper

There is a woman in front of me @Target carrying her fully capable tweenage daughter like a toddler. Suspect we're being filmed...edited to add what the man behind me said, "That better not ever be me."
“Mommy, I can’t eat this anymore, it makes my throat hurt.”

“I know why he doesn’t follow directions, he’s from Hawaii.” Em- “I want to move to Hawaii.”

Me- “I don’t really like driving in the dark when I’m not sure where I’m going.” Him- “You never know where you’re going.”

Husband just left for a business trip. Is it just me or is it weird that he also packed his hunting gear?

My 4yr old is channeling the Beastie Boys “No Sleep til Brooklyn.”#ButwearenotgoingtoBrooklyn

I don’t care what anyone says, “Jaws” is some of Richard Dreyfus’ best work.
My 4 year old came home from preschool with a side ponytail and is now applying lip gloss.
Apparently she’s channeling her ‘80’s teen?!

Nothing says “Trust me with your legal issues” like a juice box.

Husband’s comment on Zale’s commercial- “What is that? A cobra? She’s not going to like a snake necklace.”
*My formatting is all wonky this week. Sorry about the spacing issues. Guess I really do need to transfer to a "big girl .com" blog soon!

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