The SAG Awards Red Carpet Review

I can't stop. I love awards season. The gorgeous dresses and jewels make me want to get all dolled up and attend a fabulous party. Since I'm not heading to a red carpet anytime soon, here are my picks for the best dressed.
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Lea Michele
Once again she's shining in Oscar de La Renta. Like I said, you can't go wrong in Oscar. Some people commented that her chest is a little bit too much on display. And, it is a bit. However, it's not vulgar (like January Jones at the Golden Globes). The dress is youthful but not trendy. It's very Greek Goddess with a fun twist of the belt. (I love belted looks.) Her hair and make-up are more casual than what she usually favors. Which is fine. Her look fits the occasion. It seems like the SAG Awards are a little more casual than the Golden Globes and far less casual than the Oscars. It's perfect and she looks hot. Love this dress. I would wear it all over the place because I think it's one of those pieces that would make me feel fabulous!
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Dianna Agron
The GLEE women are red carpet gold. They are almost always on the Best Dressed list. Dianna always looks gorgeous. She's definitely angling to prove she's more than just part of an ensemble cast, this look sets her apart. She's wearing Chanel Haute Couture like nobody's business. I like that the length is not quite full length. It gives the dress added interest. I think she nailed this look. She (or her stylist) has been hitting it out of the park lately. I could have done with a little less eye make-up. She could have gone a little more Grace Kelly with her hair and make-up and it would have been spectacular. I would also LOVE to have this dress. Pretty, sparkly, vintage feel-oh yes.
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Julianna Margulies
Gorgeous. THIS is what everyone wanted to see at the Golden Globes. She should always dress like this; she looks ah-mazing. She looks fabulous in red.
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Kyra Sedgwick
Kyra Sedgwick has such a great sense of what looks good on her. She always looks gorgeous. She usually goes for color, but this time is in vintage black. Come on. You can't go wrong. She also went for a more relaxed hair & make-up look and it really works. I love the look; I love the vintage, vintage black is even better.
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Natalie Portman
Even though I liked her Golden Globe dress, this dress (Azarro) is much nicer and much more flattering. The beading and twisted fabric at the top give the dress interest on top. A smart selection for a petite pregnant woman, that way you don't immediately see Bellybellybabybump. Very smart. I loved her hair. She did that low chignon thing that I can NOT get my hair to do. Classic, gorgeous and purposefully selected. It's almost like she's saying "I got this and I'm ready to assume my place as part of the elite actors now."
January Jones
Thank God for Carolina Herrera. OMG. SO MUCH BETTER. She listened to the collective groans from the internet after her terrible skanky Globes outfit. This is how you show the world that you are gorgeous, without having to show everything. I love the vintage feel. Carolina Herrera's designs are so feminine. She looks very Grace Kelly but with an extra va-va-voom. Well done.
Julia Stiles
Gorgeous. I love this look. I want her hair. I want this dress. I have nowhere to wear it, of course...I love how the colors melt into each other like a watercolor painting. I love that her hair and make-up is relaxed but beautiful. Perfect.
Nicole Kidman
There has to be a worst dressed at every event. I didn't see every dress, but Nicole Kidman stood out. It's so disappointing because you know she gets the pick of whatever she wants to wear and she picks this?! Blech. It's so Morticia Adams. Why? Why not choose a color? Why not lighten up a little bit. Also, that lace cut out looks itchy. Ew.

Did I pick your best dressed? I was a little disappointed that Helena Bonham Carter seemed so restrained last night. I guess Winona Ryder made up for it-what a weird dress.

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  1. I saw where Natalie Portman's dress was 2 million dollars~ I hope she didn't spill anything on it!
    Beauty ain't cheep. :-)


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