My Fabulous Five Bloggers

Five Bloggers who make my life Fabulous

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Almost every day I discover something fabulous on the internet/blog world. I am constantly bookmarking ideas, recipes, tutorials, or even paint colors. The blog world is just so amazingly vast and diverse. I really do learn something new every day and that’s a big reason I will continue to be a part of this community. I don’t expect or aspire to a full-time blogging job, sponsorship, or book deal. So far, I have gotten exactly what I want- a community where I feel comfortable sharing my ideas. These five women are big reasons I love this community so much. Each woman is incredibly smart, talented, creative, inventive, enterprising, and kind. They are authors, artists, pioneers, speakers, wives, and mothers. They are women I am either lucky enough to call a friend, or would be friends with in real life. In short, I think they are fabulous.

Karen Walrond, Chookooloonks- I’ve said it once, twice, probably a million times, Karen is one of my favorite people. She's also one of my favorite bloggers. Karen introduced me to blogging years ago and has inspired me ever since. Her photography is captivating. Her posts are different from most people. You can tell that she thinks very purposefully before writing. As a result, her writing is quite powerful. *There’s a lesson there for me…anyway…Karen is also one of the most authentic people I’ve ever met. She is exactly who she means to be. It’s really amazing. I’m not sure she knows that she radiates calm and inspires beauty by just being her. She’s the only person I’ve ever met that made me believe in auras. I swear you can see who she is when she walks into the room. I think her aura is key to her ability to make people feel at ease that allows her to take such searing portraits. Her search for beauty has inspired so many and it’s easy to see why. And, yes, I practically jumped out of my skin to be her subject. Yes, I’m in the book. And, I’m going to keep talking about the book because I think it is so great. Really great (buy it today!). Those days where I get to talk or text Karen make me smile. Our family really enjoys being around her family and we always feel so welcome when we are in a Walrond home. Perhaps most importantly, she introduced me to my next Top Blogger, so I’ll love her forever.

Mir Kamin,,,, What can I say about Mir? I love her. I think she is one of the most talented writers blogging today. Her writing completely draws you in to her world. Mir was probably the 2nd blog I ever read and is now one of the first I check each day. Mir’s words tell her everyday stories and struggles. I feel like I’ve journeyed with her as she worked her way through a tough divorce to a new marriage, and all points in between. Her writing is real and completely truthful. She conveys exactly what is going on, and through her descriptions, I feel like I know her. That sounded a little stalkery... I mean, I feel like I’m one of her friends just sitting down at her kitchen table and eating a loaf of her bread. She’s a mom trying to do the best for her children. I worry with her through her son’s surgery and I support her in trying to encourage Chickadee as she grows into a young woman. Mir’s love for her children is evident. She parents her children with love and humor, and I find it incredibly enlightening. I learn so many parenting techniques from Mir. If she ever decides to write a book, it should be called, “How to raise successful, well adjusted nerdlings amongst the turmoil of everyday life and save some serious cash and perhaps your sanity through it all.” (Mir, you can have that one for free!) Mir is incredibly smart, as evidenced by her writing and her business savvy. I’m not even mentioning wantnot, her freelance writing gigs, and consulting jobs. Just. Wow. Smart. I love women who are unafraid to embrace their intelligence. I really appreciate how kind Mir is to her readers; she still takes the time to respond to comments. Emailing and texting with Mir also makes my day. She’s one of those friends that you feel like you can just pick up wherever you left off. I cannot wait to see her in April.

Gabrielle Blair-,, Babble-I met Gabby briefly at Mom 2.0 and she was just as lovely as you would imagine. Her stylish blog is representative of her sense of style. She’s one of the very few people that can pull of a full length caftan. I’ve loved Gabby’s site for years. It has been my “go to” source for ideas, inspiration, crafts, etc. Gabby’s also created a mini empire in a very organic way. You can’t hate her for any success she creates. You can’t hate her for having a beautiful family (and staying sane among 6 children). You can’t hate her for moving to France...well, ok, maybe we can hate her a little for moving to France. Gabby’s site is a wonderful conglomeration of thoughts about family, creativity, crafts, style, and she takes time to spotlight lots of other similarly minded blogs. Gabby is a very well known blogger, who again takes time to respond to comments and spotlight smaller blogs, writers, and artisans for whom the exposure can really make a difference. Although I only met her briefly, I know she has a winning personality that makes sponsors/companies want to give her tons of cool items to giveaway. As a reader, I appreciate that. Whenever I’m stumped for a gift idea or styling need, I go to Gabby.

Jen Hadfield- Tatertots & Jello. I just discovered Jen a little over a year ago but I feel like I’ve been reading her for years. I use the term “Crafting & Decor Goddess” for her and it is 100% correct. She thinks of amazing projects all the time and, get this, she ACTUALLY makes them happen! Her projects are gorgeous. So is she. She has given me and so many other “small” bloggers a larger platform. She constantly spotlights others and supports others. Jen’s blog is a stand-out among the hundreds of other craft and decor blogs. Many of the projects and ideas Jen has written about have had a huge impact in her niche community. In a community where imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, Jen is very flattered! I think she’s one of the few powerful bloggers who truly doesn’t know her impact. Jen is one of those bloggers that I would dearly love to meet. Again, Jen also takes the time to respond to her comments, and continues to grow her social presence in a very natural way. I would love to see her host a show/vlog at some time. She’s a natural born star. I’m telling you, watch her if you don’t already!

Jenny Lawson- The Blogess, GoodMom/Bad Mom and a million other places. No list of fabulous bloggers is complete without Jenny. She’s amazing. Sometimes I wonder how her mind works. But, I don’t wonder about her. I’ve met Jenny a couple times and she’s just so ...I don’t know how to accurately describe her. I imagined her to be this amazingly boisterous personality. But, she’s not. She’s quiet, observant, and thoughtful and kind. I’ve met a number of “big” bloggers (and some who just think they are big) and Jenny is one of the few who actually remembers me and engages everyone in conversation, not just those she thinks can do something for her or her brand. It’s refreshing and real. She uses her power for good. It's also well settled that she’s funny. Hysterically, bizarrely, spit your coke out funny. Also, every time I pass a taxidermy shop I think of Jenny. I'm not so sure that's a positive compliment, but is nonetheless true. So, she’s definitely had an impact on me and my life!

There are so many other bloggers that I could have easily spotlighted for being equally fabulous like T, Susan, Sandi; that inspire me like Kelle and Matt; that make me laugh; or just make me glad that they are my friends (with incredible style) like Pam. But, let’s be honest, any longer and you might have started throwing tomatoes at me.

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  1. You are SUPER pretty. And I am not just saying that because you are my secret twin.

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