Golden Globes Fashion Recap

Hollywood loves giving awards, doesn't it/they? I don't really love watching the shows, but I love watching the dresses! I missed the majority of the Golden Globes while I was traveling, but managed to catch most of the red carpet. Yea! In general, I thought the women looked great at the Globes, so finding my favorites was difficult.

I loved Eva Longoria's look. I know she's done a variation of this same dress (form fitting, long, mermaid hem) over and over but, why stop? She looks FANTASTIC. The cap sleeves and cut out gave the right amount of interest to her face and neck and the brooch at her waist really drew you in to her teeny tiny waist. I thought she looked perfect.
People seem divided over Natalie Portman's dress. Maybe it is a bit twee with the sweet rose. It would have worked better with a jeweled brooch or diamond neckline instead of the rose. But, I don't care. I think she looks happy. I love how she accessorized her outfit. I wish she would have worn her hair at least partly down. I think it would have balanced the outfit more and not made it so severe. A number of ladies had severe updos and could have used a little less hair "did" (Scarlett Johannson, I'm talking to you! Maybe she made one of those "massager" ads before coming to the Globes?!) Overall I really liked her outfit.
I loved Lea Michele's look. I loved that it was a light and airy pink color, but it had great structural elements on the side. In my opinion, you just can't go wrong with Oscar de la Renta. She was demure but noticeable. Well done. Also, her hair and make-up were spot on. The GLEE ladies all could have easily been included, everyone looked fabulous.
At first I was undecided about Anne Hathaway look. I LOVE her; we watch a lot of "The Princess Diaries" and "Ella Enchanted" around here. And, normally she hits it straight out of the park. This look took me a little while for me to decide. But, I like it. First, she looks Fabulous. Amazing freaking fabulous. Second, she beat Angelina Jolie at her own game- sequined/pailettes (?) colored long sleeved gown with padded shoulders. Not a small accomplishment. Kudos, Anne (and Rachel Zoe!)...

There were two looks I really did not like. I was sad to see Michelle Williams wearing what can only be described as an Easter Prom dress. Terrible. You can't even call it a hippie throwback. It's just ugly. I love feminine details. But, her dress is bad. She has such a lovely look about her and is usually so confident in dressing with her own style. I wish we would have seen more of that. Or, maybe this is her style. In which case-me no likey.

Even more no likey. I get it, January. You have a rockin' bod. Put it away. Slutty is not sexy. But, you have pretty hair. The end.

Photos: Eva Longoria, Michelle Williams, January Jones- Evan Agostini/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank; Lea Michele- Steve Granitz/Wire Image; Natalie Portman- Jason Merritt/Getty Images


  1. I thought most of the Glee girls looked good too. The more I look at Michelle Williams, the worse it looks to me.

  2. Love it... you could be doing the commentary instead of you.know.who!

  3. Great recap Elz and I'm with you all the way! Loved Anne the second I saw her dress. Now for the Oscar countdown...I have 2 more movies to see then I'm fully prepared- can't wait!!


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