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Bloggy Business
This month marks my first year of blogging. I've learned so much this past year, with much more yet to learn. This month I'm trying a few new blogging ventures, including giveaways and even a sponsored contest. I also hope to move to a new blogging platform by the end of the year, so changes are afoot! There's quite a bit of debate going on about bloggers working with marketers. Our blogs are our platforms. I believe that we should cultivate our spaces to be representative of what we feel is most important-whether you talk about politics, photography, etc. I have a full-time career that took me years to obtain and from which I derive a great sense of accomplishment. I do not want to give that career up. For that reason, I joined the Clever Girls Collective (see sidebar) to help me find the right kind of blogging opportunities. Blogging is my hobby, not my job. Any sponsored opportunities or contests will be ones which I have thought about and meet my standards in that I either use the product or strongly believe in the product/line/brand. I will continue to post my unpaid and un-endorsed Friday Favorites. I just thought you should know. Also, expect more crafts, fashion, decor this month but no football b/c Oh my God, it has been terrible lately! Just kidding, you can find my football summaries over at Draft Day Suit.
This is an UNPAID and UNSPONSORED post. Also, there's nothing to win. Yet, but come back in a few days for something else.

Shabby Apple Dressing
I love giving shopping/fashion advice to my friends. I have an unused Groupon for Shabby Apple burning a hole in my pocket, so I thought it might be fun to get your opinion on how I should spend it.
I don't necessarily have a specific event in mind, but I do want a dress that can transition well from work to other events. I love dresses with feminine detailing like ruffles, pleats, belts, but I don't like looking to "twee" or young. I have these Shabby Apple dresses and love them.

So, which of the following would you choose?
Option A:
El Capitan- I need a Navy dress

Option B:
Trapeze-a fun fall dress. How cute would this be with brown boots?!

Option C
Gray Fox- I really need a Navy dress
Option D
Tiery Eyed- Who doesn't need another LBD? I think it looks like it would travel like a dream.


  1. I'm loving the first navy dress, El Capitan. I like this line of Shabby Apple much better than the last time I looked.

  2. I like option B. You could wear that in the spring as well.


  3. tiery eyed. totally. looks like you could dress it up or down really easily!


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