Love Thursday-Home

Our girls have been enjoying playing with bath crayons I picked p the other day. They've been quite busy...not sure how clean they are getting, but they are having fun. My four year old, M, drew the heart and then wrote the word "Home" the other day. When I asked her how she thought of those two things, she replied "We have lots of love in our home." Yes, yes we do. What a great reminder for Love Thursday.
*Those drops are colored drops from the crayons, not blood. Forgive the picture quality, my camera is still in the shop so all photos are coming off my phone.*


  1. I'm glad you included a post note on that photo... I invisioned that coloring on the wall, resulting in splatters
    Your story is so much better!!!!!

  2. Very cute. We used to have bath crayons when my 9 y/o was little and I'd forgotten about them. I bet my 4 y/o would love them.


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