Love Thursday- Mommy Lessons

Chris posted a great list of lessons she's learned from being a mother at AlphaMom. I think it's a great exercise, to step back and evaluate what we are doing as parents, lessons learned, and to remember what is really important. What better way to show Love than to reflect on where we love the most-our family. Since I've been a mom for a little over 6 years, I figured I'd start with 6 Things I've Learned from Being a Mom. Feel free to add your own.

1) This too shall pass. It doesn't seem like it now. But, it will.
2) Just when I think I've got a handle on something, the wheel will fall off.
3) Life is too short not to sparkle. So, glitter it up. But, keep a dustbuster on hand for the glitter pick-up.
4) Chores can wait until after bed-time. Take the time to play and read with them now.
5) Listen to the silly songs. Encourage the silly. They like the silly.
6) Children learn by example, only show them what you want them to learn.

Happy Love Thursday.

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  1. My darn wheels keep poppin' off as soon as I'm on roll. Great post!

    Winks & Smiles,


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