Houston Aeros Family Fun

My family recently attended a Houston Aeros game with a bunch of other Houston bloggers and their families. It was a fun way to introduce my family to blogging and have a fun family night at the same time. T, me, and Sarah- Photo from T

We spent part of a fun evening with a few good friends, and lots of new ones. I say part of because there was, inevitably, a meltdown. Other than the meltdown, it was really fun to take the girls to a professional sporting event. The Aeros game was our kind of game since it isn't as expensive, loud, or as crowded as other sports venues. We'll definitely take the girls back for an Aeros game, just this time during the afternoon and not after a long day at school. The Aeros were so nice to all of the bloggers and Jamie and Christina really went the extra mile to make the event a success--meltdowns notwithstanding!

I want to thank the Houston Aeros and all the other sponsors who made the night possible. *I was not paid for this post, my words are my own. I received free tickets to attend the Aeros game and a really useful bag full of after-school snacks.*


  1. Thank you for coming and I am so glad you had such a good time.


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