Love Thursday-Sickness & Health

I've been sick off and on for the last week and a half. I thought I'd kicked the sickness to the curb this past weekend. I was feeling tired, but not too sick. Then Monday came, and Tuesday. And Tuesday, well, it kicked me to the curb. So much that I left work early. I rarely leave work early and hardly ever take a sick day. But, I sort of had to. My husband was so concerned with how sick I was getting, and the rapid progression into the crud, that he took matters into his own hands. He called me at work Tuesday morning and suggested that I come home early. I told him that I was finishing some work and would be home soon after. Apparently he didn't believe me, because he called my boss and told her she needed to kick me out of work! She agreed. Actually, she (and the rest of my co-workers) had been avoiding my office all day since I sounded like Typhoid Mary with all the coughing and sneezing. After she got off the phone with my husband, she called me and ordered me home! Thankfully I was feeling so bad Tuesday that i didn't really have time to be embarrassed by the fact that my husband called my boss, or that they conspired to get me home. I am feeling much better today. And, I resolve to listen better to my body when it tells me to slow down and take a day off to recover.

In case you think my husband is all lovey-dovey, he woke me up this morning (the first night I've even half slept in ages) because I was snoring. Of course I was snoring, I have drainage, and coughing, and all the things NyQuil is designed to combat, you goof.

Love is knowing what is best for your love in sickness.


  1. Yuck Elz, I'm so sorry but glad to hear you're feeling a little better. I've been exhausted lately too and finally went to the dr yesterday for some blood tests. Probably just change of season allergies, all the back to school crud, and hormones. ;)


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