Friday Favorite- Football Ramblings

Have I mentioned how much I love the writers over at Draft Day Suit? They let me ramble on and on about college football. My last post is especially rambly since I have been sick this week and under the influenece of various factors involving the names -Quil, -tussin, and -med. I also might still be seething in anger from a loss to UCLA! UCLA! Really?! Ugh. Anyhow, please go over here and show me some commenty love. There's also a good post on Southern football wear vs. other locales. You already know where I come down in that debate, right?- Football games are for dresses. you look nice to support your team, you hear?!

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  1. can i just say how happy i was that the horns lost to the bruins? WHOOP!

    still, i felt compelled to follow you. simply because your whole page is screaming football, really, and i do love me some football. plus, you're a houston gal, right? i'm supposed to love my neighbors.



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