Game Day!!

Finally it's College Football Season. More Specifically, Texas College Football!
I Am So Excited.
Fortunately, the 'Horns started their season here in Houston against Rice. We were able to go to the game with our friends Pam and her husband.*That's Pam's picture of my boots in the header-cute, huh?
Pam and I had a great time people watching and debating the best outfits while tailgating. We decided to run a Glamour type football fashion blog next time we are at a game. There are plenty of fashion dos and dont's for a year's worth of blog material!
My husband is a Rice grad-he was one of about 20 people there in blue rooting for Rice. I kid. But, seriously, that stadium was FULL of orange. God, it was beautiful!

I took more pictures of half-time than during the game because I am a serious game-watcher. Also, there were football beverages to drink; and refs to yell at; and plays to debate...I have my priorities people! The game was pretty much a lock (although there have been many times when Rice has knocked us over). I wasn't too enthusiastic about the new Offensive game plan, which was run-run-run-run-run. I agree that our running game hasn't been great recently, but I would have liked to have seen Gilbert really get a chance to open up some passes. It was cool to see Chase McCoy (Colt's brother) play a little in the 4th quarter. Mainly I am just SO HAPPY that college football is back. It feels like all is right with the world.


  1. LOVE the new header. Suits you perfectly. :) Was a great time!!

  2. Looking good, Elz! Love the boots. Just not with the burnt orange. Hee hee :)


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