Friday Favorites-Wedding Bells

I went to my friend's wedding last week and started thinking about wedding items. These are a few of my favorite wedding items I've seen lately.

Via The Bright Side Project and Rhi in Pink

Bouquets made of vintage brooches, rings, etc. Shut the front door. Yes. I am so doing this for my 10th Anniversary. What a great piece to have and to hold!

My friend didn't know what to do with her hair. I suggested a hairpiece like these. I think they are great.

This one is from Florabond

From LaBoeheme

From JewelryBox88

How fun are weddings now? I would love to plan on another one, to my husband, OBVIOUSLY! Just to plan another fun celebration of our love, but this time with different touches. What are your favorite parts of weddings (yours, friend's something you've seen)?


  1. Keep 'em coming! We have a wedding to plan in April. I am looking at all kinds of ideas!

    another friday's favorite for sure :-)

  2. beautifully created, love the little details


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