6 years

Six years ago we met. Our daughter Em was born and as they placed her in my arms, I thought "This. This is what it's all about." I was so excited and terrified about being a mommy. This baby was the result of much praying and bargaining with God. She has been worth it. Every minute. She was an angel baby and is turning into a perfect child. (Ok, not perfect, she can stomp to her room and huff with the best of them). Six years ago I met her. My Em. So small and sweet and relaxed. We wondered how she would grow. Who would she look like? What would her personality be? She's surprised us by how much she looks like both of us. Her gorgeous eyes and long eyelashes scream daddy and her smile is all mine. She desperately wants to go hunting with daddy, but loves it when mommy paints her nails. She’s kind and funny and goofy and crazy and super smart and patient and meticulous and artistic. She’s a fantastic older sister and fills our lives with so much love that I can hardly tell you.

She has moments, like this weekend when I called home "You need to come home momma, I miss you so much. I need you home.” Where I know she’s still my baby. Moments like this morning when she just needs to snuggle in close to me and Be. There are just as many moments where I can see a little of who she will be. I see her with her friends and I know she'll be popular because she's just so effortless and kind.

She is unafraid. She is persistent. She is adorable. She is six. But, she is still my baby.

Happy Birthday sweet Em. May six be everything you hope it will be and so much more.


  1. Happy #6 sweet Em!!! Just yesterday Naya said that Em loves to read 'a lot' at after school, unlike my art~crazed kid.
    Can't wait to help her celebrate this weekend.

  2. Awwwww, happy birthday to your beautiful baby! (And lord, that's no exaggeration. She was a gorgeous newborn! My babies -- though wondrous, of course -- both looked like angry plucked chickens. She is the most lovely newborn I've ever seen!)

  3. Aww this was the sweetest post ever!! Happy birthday Em!!

  4. What a sweet, sweet post for your daughter! Happy 6th birthday to her (and you!)

  5. Happy birthday to BOTH of you. I think the mommy gets to celebrate, too. :). Yay for six!


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