Fall Fashion Recap

Friday I attended a Fashion Show in Houston. It wasn't Fashion Week in New York, but it was really fun and a great way to see the trends in wearable styles.The show focused on most major Fall trends- deep purple, mixed patterns, sequins, black tights, military, and lace. I captured a few of the looks here. All of these styles are from Nordstrom (who sponsored the show).
Thigh-high boots, pattern top. I still don't understand shorts styled this way-at all!
Gorgeous sweater coat. The models were all wearing shorter boots with colored/patterned socks peeking out the top.
Lovely patterned dress. Black tights with black heels. Black tights are big for the Fall.
Military-inspired jacket with deep purple jeans tucked into thigh-high boots.Another military-inspired belted coat, skinny jeans and heels. Gorgeous fall colors.
Lace touches under a dark green jacket. HATE the pants and open-toe booties. LOVE the hair!
Lots of gray and belts
Sequins are a huge trend. Gorgeous sequin dress with lace underlay. KILLER heels. I love the retro sequin headband.
Love this look. Gorgeous hair, dress, heels. WANT!Amazing sequin dress. Questionable nude booties! Fun one-shoulder ruffle dress with black belt (I love belted looks.) Again, black tights and black heels.
Bright pattern with an adorable trench. Black tights and heels.
Belted black lace dress with neck tie. Hate the open-toe booties.
Adorable mixing of patterns (black tights, black heels).
Killer one-shoulder black dress. belted. Love it. EXCEPT the open-toe booties!
I love the deep purple, military looks and sequined dresses most. I've also decided to grow my haor out so I can have long, luxurious, curly Breck girl hair. I;m sure I'll look just like the models, right?! And, in case you couldn't guess, I hate the open toe bootie trend. What's the point?! Do you have a favorite Fall trend or one you just don't understand?


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