Friday Favorite- The PERFECT jeans!

One of these days I'll blog sometime during the week. Yeesh. I'm super excited about what I'm about to tell you. Like most women, I've been on a jeans quest for years. Finding jeans with the perfect fit, length, that don't show my unmentionables when I bend over is apparently a hard combination. I finally found what I was looking for and feel like it is my duty as a woman to share my find with you. Of course I found my perfect jeans at Anthropologie. I went to try these pants on (Still LOVE, by the way) and on a lark I tried the AG Stevie Straight jeans. I'd heard great things about them. Oh man. They were great- a nice material (not too heavy, not too thin), a fabulous fit, nice length, skinny but not too tight, etc. The only thing I didn't like was the price. I'm not opposed to paying money for quality clothing or staples that I know I'll wear over and over. However, I really don't wear jeans all that often. I sadly walked away.

Cue me getting REALLY excited a couple weeks later when GILT had a jeans sale. I logged on and ...just missed out on ordering the AG Stevies. UGH. Then again about 2 weeks later GILT has an AG sale! And, I got in. And, the price was less than 1/2 of Anthropologie. And, I got the Stevies. And, we lived happily ever after. Amen. *My jeans are slightly different than the ones Anthropologie has in stock now, but are still my idea of jean perfection.

My daughter's comment when the jeans came in the mail the other day, "Mommy, those jeans ft you perfectly." -I love having girls!

AG Stevie Jeans- my Friday Favorite.


  1. This is getting scary. I just bought a pair of those jeans recently and they are amazing. Love them.

  2. Such a good Friday Favorite. So glad you got the ones you wanted.
    xo E + J


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