Monday Musings

Not one for the traditional baby book- My youngest daughter said her first curse words this weekend. Lovely. At least she waited almost six years. Let's just say there was no debating where she heard it, ahem, HUSBAND.

My husband's birthday was this weekend. It should surprise no one that he received a bag of pee. OK, technically, it was urine- pig, deer, and raccoon. It actually was pretty darn funny. But, husband got a giant bag of pee for his birthday. I married Ted Nugent.

Emily brought me Trader Joe's Mini Peanut Butter cups. She's pretty much the best ever. Today my boss gave me a bag of Trader Joe's Peanut Butter Filled Chocolate Covered Pretzels. Trader Joe's opens in a week! Best Week Ever!!

We took the kids to the movies yesterday and saw a mini trailer for "Despicable Me 2." The movie producers know their market well, my 5 year old thought the trailer was the most HI-larious thing she has ever seen.

The wedges I posted about Friday are Amazing. I've worn them 3 days in a row, for three separate events, and they are perfect each time. That Princess Catherine can pick a good shoe!

Two of my design decisions (that my husband does not like) were featured on "Property Brothers" on HGTV. I believe that means I'm officially designer-y. I tried using the show to prove that I'm right. To which my husband replied, "Yeah, well, another HGTV designer put moss on walls." So, yeah...

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  1. Oh, don't get me started on the PB and chocolate pretzels! And what design decisions were on Property Brothers (that is another PB that I love)! Happy belated birthday to your husband!


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