Friday Favorite- LK Bennett Wedges

I TRIED not to post more shoes. But, let's face it, I love shoes. I love pretty. These, well, I can't help it. I'll admit that I may be slightly obsessed with tracking Princess Catherine's fashion moves. I only recently discovered that not everybody logs on to various Princess Kate fashion websites every day-oh, you don't do that? Weird. Anyhow, I do. Her style is pretty close to what I imagine mine to be- tailored, classic, fairly conservative, polished. (I REALLY want her hair! What is the secret to that hair?!). Anyhow, her favorite brand of shoes seems to be LK Bennett. From time to time I watch sales on LK Bennett shoes. A few days ago, a great sale, plus discount code popped up on these wedges.
I think they are pretty much the perfect summer shoe. The pair I got are coral, which I think is kind of awesome. I can see wearing these to work or out to dinner. I love clothes and shoes that can work in multiple situations. I spend so much time at work, I hate spending money for something I can't wear at the office. But, I don't want my entire closet to be work items. I know these shoes will be a perfect summer shoe to wear to work and on the weekend. They seem comfy and pretty. PLUS, PRINCESS shoes.

LK Bennett wedges, my Friday Favorite.


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