Monday Musings

I think my husband is messing with me (more than usual). Exhibit A: he has recently started leaving the toilet seat up at night. It's like he WANTS me to fall in. Exhibit B: He calls me Friday, "I'm at the cupcake store." Me-"Great. Um..., are you buttering me up for something?" Him-"I need the name of a good divorce attorney." Me-BLINK. Him-"For a friend." No Kidding. Not funny. OK, slightly funny. Mainly mean, but slightly funny.

My kids are out of school for summer. I wish I still got a summer. Wouldn't that be awesome?!

I don't understand the point of French manicures. Why not just paint your nails clear or light pale? Also, I've been to France. I've never seen one actual French woman wearing her nails like that. Why not just call it the "American Manicure"? So called French pedicures confuse me more.

There's been a lot of media coverage on the Queen for her Jubilee. I'm glad to see all the interviews, but I have yet to see the one interview I really want-Princess Catherine sharing the secret for her super shiny, super awesome hair.

My two girls look so much alike. We regularly get asked if they are twins (nope-2 years apart). But, Em is fastidiously clean and put together and M is quite possibly the messiest child I have ever met. She ate a cookie the other day and one of my friends said it looked like a "Smurf exploded all over her." Ha. How is that possible?


  1. Amen on the French manicures and pedicures. And that's pretty darn funny about the cupcake/divorce story!

  2. French pedicures skeeve me out like nothing else. You should NEVER have enough toenail to have a white part there... if you do, they're too long and need to be cut. Bleah.


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