Monday Musings- Camp Edition

Things I have learned from my daughter's first sleep-away camp:

1) I'm pretty sure that the camp told the girls to roll around in sand. I have approximately 10 tons of sand in my washing machine.

2) I also found a couple lanyards, a friendship bracelet, a mood ring, and a nickel in the washing machine.

3) The camp had this whole list to determine "Is your daughter ready for camp?" Notably missing was- Is your daughter a big baby about bugs? One of Em's tent mates (let's call her Allison, since that's her name) was deathly afraid of bugs. At a camp in the woods. Where the girls slept in tents. Apparently Allison's antics made the entire tent late for most activities, etc.

3) Em came home with her dirty laundry in the specific laundry bag we packed. Hooray! And, her clean clothes underneath her wet towels and muddy tennis shoes.

4) I have done more laundry than I thought possible.

5) At least Em wore all the underwear we packed. The first time my brother went to Boy Scout camp, he came back with 5 clean changes of clothes (including underwear) from a week long camp.

6) They teach the kids a lot of camp songs. Ask me how I know.

7) Em used her camp store money to buy a little trinket for her sister. Awww

8) She might have been (very) dirty, but she was happy.

Now to prepare for next month's camp!

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