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Remember how I had a big project, perhaps the biggest yet? Well...

I welcome you to our little piece of Texas. My husband and I have dreamed about owning our own piece of ranch property for years and we finally found one that fit what we wanted and, better yet, our close friends bought right next to us.

Here she is...Casa de la Cougar (an inside joke not the real name).

I wanted something a bit more quaint, but we got rustic. That's OK, rustic has a claw foot tub, so we can work with it.

The obligatory Wide Open Spaces.

Believe it or not, that brown thing in the middle of the next photo is a pond. Once we get some (much needed) rain, we plan on stocking it with fish. Until then, our lovely neighbor to the North offered to let our family come fish in his pond, which thankfully has both fish and water right now!

Loved this metal and wood table, the axe laying around? Notsomuch...

There you have it, our little piece of Texas. Plenty of things to do inside and out. Y'all come back anytime.


  1. Congratulations! I have no doubt you can fix up rustic in no time. ;)

  2. Congrats! I can't wait for more pictures.

    I have questions about the pond because I am nosey. Like what happens if we have another drought? Will you have to somehow pump water into once you get fish?

  3. I'm worried about that axe...It looks like a job waiting to be done :-)

  4. How awesome, congrats!! What part of Tejas?

  5. Congrats- I can't wait to see the inside!!

  6. Your blog is hilaroius!! I feel like I've found a kindred spirit that loves Austin, crafting, and Texas football as much as I do. Here is my blog post regarding our team:

    Check it out whenever you have time. Hook 'em.


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