Love Thursday: Chaperones & Butterflies

I had another post all set for today. Then, my husband surprised me (well, our daughter) and I had to change it up. My husband works from home. He works from home pretty much all day-from the time he gets up to the time he goes to bed. Actually, all the guys he works with do. It's great because they are all focused on being successful and helping the company to be successful, but sometimes you just want him to turn the darn phone off. Anyhow...even though his schedule can be pretty flexible, he likes to stick with a schedule. Today our older daughter, Em has a field trip to the Butterfly Exhibit. Apparently her teacher impressed upon my husband the need for chaperones on this trip. Clearly, going to the Butterfly Exhibit is high on his list of things he'd like to do. An important note, he asked last night whether we'd been-um, yes probably three times as a family, twice with our extended family, and a couple times with friends. Clearly the Butterfly Exhibit is his favorite place to go, very memorable. Anyhow, he decided to take some time off of work to chaperone a bunch of 6 & 7 year olds today. It made our daughter SO happy to know that her daddy would be with her today. It made me happy to know that he made the decision to make time for her. That's the most important decision. To make time for those you love.

Happy Love Thursday. Today, make time for someone you love.


  1. While N gets so excited for those field trips, they always make me a bit nervous. I was quite relieved to hear that Mr. Elzabelz would be joining them today. ;)
    Here's to 3 more weeks til school starts, ugh.


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