Ten years

Today marks my husband and my 10th Anniversary. I am ridiculously proud of us. I just love him so darn much. I'm not going to get all sweetly romantic on you because my husband still hasn't found his way over here, so there is no use in writing a love missive to him. Anyway, that's not his bag. I will say that I love that man more than Buc-ee's kolaches, Buffy tv marathons, new shoes, and chocolate...possibly more than a Longhorn National Championship. That said, here are a couple snippets from our Anniversary:

Him "Do I REALLY have to get you a card?"
Me: "Yes."
Him: "Well, what if I get you the same card?" (This has happened MULTIPLE times)
Me: "Just look for the one with a 10 on it."

What I got- a card entirely in Spanish. "I knew I had not gotten you that card yet." -Nice.

At dinner, "our song" starts playing on the radio, but in French.
Me: "It's our song."
Him: "Really?"
Me: "Yes."
Him: "Did they play this at our wedding?"
Me: "Really?!"

Ah, Love. Happy Love Thursday.

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  1. We just celebrated 9 years on July 1st. Congrats on 10 and loved the card you sent out.


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