Friday Favorite- BRITNEY SPEARS

I bet you thought today's Favorite was going to be Grand Cayman (it was totally awesome). No, today I am focusing on the concert I went to the night before our vacation...Ms. Britney Spears. Y'all-AMAZING.
I'm just a wee bit excited here. I have been a long time Britney fan, even when it was totally uncool to like her (I've never been accused of being cool). I'm a huge goofball dancer and love rocking out to her songs. When I tell people how much I love Britney, they inevitably say something about her singing. It's true, Britney is not the best singer out there, but she's a GREAT entertainer. Example 1: Celine Dion has a fantastic singing voice, but I don't have a single one of her songs on my ipod or CD and would never go to her concert, even if it was free; but I have ALL of Britney's songs and CDs and have been to two of her concerts. My friend and I saw Britney last year on her "Circus" tour and it was amazing. A true production. "Femme Fatale" was completely different and awesome-if not awesome-er. We went with our new co-worker (who is quite the concert goer) and we all agreed that Britney puts on one HECK of a show. She is pure entertainment. And, yes, she sings. What I love about her concerts is the fact that you never sit down. Her songs are all so danceable and singable, and shoutable so you just keep moving through the whole concert. As does she. The woman does not take a break the entire time. She earns her money.

We were all really impressed with Nicki Manaj, Brit's opening act. Nicki, like Britney, puts on a complete show. There is a storyline and songs that naturally flow. Her opening was sort of weird in parts and full of nasty language-Nicki has quite the potty mouth-but a really good show. Last year Britney's opening act was Jordin Sparks, who has quite a bit to learn about performing and opening a major concert series (good voice but meh presentation).

Britney's encore ended with "Till the World Ends" as she was singing aloft a floating platform in angel wings, with fireworks and glitter confetti going off. Of course. It TOTALLY worked. Because she's Britney, bitch. It was perfect. Take my word for it, go see Britney if you ever have the chance, you will not be disappointed. If you are going to her concert, make sure you see Nicki Manaj open the show (then take the 45 minute break! to get your concert t-shirt, they are super comfy).

Oh, and y'all, the outfits. OMG, not Brit's outfits, they were fine and a bit showy. No, the concert attendees. My word. I was DYING to take pictures-lots of short, tight, too small, ripped, and neon...why?! One lady was walking around in patterned tights and lingerie-no kidding. It did not look good. The bedazzling and glitter and chains, oh my! The wigs were pretty interesting as well.

Britney Spears concerts- my Friday Favorite


  1. Sounds like a blast Elz- glad you had fun and glad you didn't force me to join you. ;)
    Can't wait to hear about Grand Cayman!!

  2. Love it!
    You are such a Femme Fatale~ that's a friday's favorite for sure :-)

  3. Looks like so much fun! I love me some Britney.


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