Friday Favorite- Swamp Shark

There can be only one Friday Favorite today...(cue "Jaws" music)...

SWAMP SHARK. For lack of better words-Totally awesome. While explaining the awesomeness of this movie to some co-workers, I realized that many people don't know of the other great campy/fake terror/sci-fi movie "Tremors." I'm stunned. How can you NOT have seen "Tremors"? Kevin Bacon AND Reba McEntire plus underground dinosaur worm thingys. That's just classic movie making. Almost as classic as D.B. Sweeney and Kristy Swanson battling a mutant shark in the swamps of Louisiana. "Swamp Shark" also has the following paraphrased dialogue: "Give him the phone, he's a federal agent. He can call the Fish & Wildlife SWAT team." Also, the director of "Swamp Shark" tweeted me, which pretty much wins for best use of social media!

Tell me, have you seen "Tremors"? What's your favorite campy sci-fi flick?

Swamp Shark is my Friday Favorite.

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