Spring Color Combinations

I'm definitely in a color mood lately. But, it's OK because the colors are purple, yellow, and gray and they go so well together in both Fall and Spring. Look, the colors are everywhere (not to mention in my bedroom curtains, sheets, and decor!):

Anthropologie dress
Ruche top
J Crew Double Serge skirt (GREAT skirt, by the way)

Of course Kate Spade has so many lovely yellow and purple combinations, but they don't download well, see this, this, and this. I'm also in love with combining purple with blue and green like in this Target dress I just bought. The blue/purple/green combination reminds me of a field of wildflowers, just lovely. Even though I'm captivated by purple/yellow/gray, I still love looking for new color combinations in magazines, catalogs, and surprisingly on one of my favorite shows- Glee, recapped nicely at What Would Emma Pillsbury Wear. Where do you go for color inspiration and what colors are inspiring you this Spring?


  1. I have always loved that J Crew skirt! I am pretty sure I love almost anything with gray! Your new Target dress is cute!

  2. just found your blog. Love that anthro dress! thecoolkidsblog.com


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