Love Thursday- Cowgirl Up

It doesn't surprise anyone who knows me that I love Texas. I love living in this state of queso, river sitting, bluebonnets, and Bar-B-Q. I'm a breathing Texas Tourism ad. Neither my husband nor I are Texan by birth, but as many bumper stickers say "Texan by the grace of God." As a result, we are a Texas family. We are also a family overwhelmingly of girls. (Maybe this is why my husband goes hunting all the time, to escape the make-up and pink?!). Last week the girls got new boots (above) and haven't parted with them since. This is our life in a nutshell, two matching pairs of boots for my Texas girls, and a couple of well worn glitter shoes for good measure.
The boots signal rodeo season here in Houston. Rodeo is one of my favorite times of year. It used to mean the start of my husband's Barbecue cook-off time and all the fun that went with it. Now, it means that we'll "cowgirl up" (or cowboy up, as the case may be) and go to the Rodeo for a day of fun. It means a day of dreaming about our own piece of Texas ranch land...someday. A day of pig races, milking cows, petting baby animals, and eating everything fried on a stick that you can imagine. My husband chaperoned Em's class yesterday to the Rodeo and reported that the Texas pig beat all the others in the pig races yesterday, I'm taking that as a positive sign for the upcoming season. (PLEASE!!!). He also refused to buy me my own Longhorn. Pffft. That would have really shown me his love. I'm sure it would be right at home in our side yard. I even have a name all picked out- "Darrell Royal Earl Mack Lovely Longhorn of Awesomeness."
Happy Love Thursday. May your day be filled with boots, chaps, and yummy deep fried goodness.

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