Friday Favorite- Bath & Beautiful Edition

Lush Bath Bombs-I've heard great things about Lush. Their products are all natural, which is important to me. The girls and I did a little shopping the other day and passed by the Lush department, so I let each girl select one Lush Bath Bomb. What fun. One of the bath bombs had little bits of heart confetti and changed colors. One bomb changed colors and released glitter. Basically, the best thing you could ask for if you happen to be a little girl. They loved it. A relatively cheap way of bringing some fun to bathtime. Both bath bombs smelled wonderful. The Lush people gave me a free shampoo bar to try and, so far, I really like it.
Photo Sephora
Amore Pacific Lipstick-I get incredibly chapped lips. Really bad. My hypothesis is that I'm allergic to something that I love to eat-regularly. Since I'm too lazy to go to a physician and get an actual diagnosis, I'll just self treat. Anyhow, so extremely chapped lips. I've tried EVERYTHING. Cheap treatments, expensive treatments, everything in between. Vaseline, Kiehl's, La Mer, you name it. A while ago, Sarah suggested this lip treatment on Twitter. Sarah's beauty suggestions are always spot on, so I bought it. It is worth every penny. It completely heals my lips. It's sort of in between lipstick and lip gloss. It has great coverage and stays on for hours. Definitely a great find.
Friday favorites-Bath & Beauty edition.


  1. Lush is one of my all time favorite stores but I haven't visited one in Houston yet. Just the smell of their stores permeating through the mall, airport, Covent Garden in London, etc. makes me happy. ;)
    Have a great weekend Elz.

  2. I am needing a Lush Bomb right bout now!
    ~ it is just what I needed to bring a smile to my face.
    I am counting on all my friday's favorite friends to get me through the week!

  3. I have the same chapped lip problem too! I may have to check out that lip balm.

    (And thought I was following you before -- but I am now!)


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