Bluebonnets & Texas

Bluebonnet Pictures & Perfect Photo Location
It turns out that a number of people find my blog by searching for bluebonnets, bluebonnet pictures, etc. (The rest of you find me by searching for Wonder Woman or Wonder Woman underoos, which is sort of awesome.) That means it must be time for a weekly bluebonnet picture update. These bluebonnet shots are all from my neighborhood. Aren't I lucky that we have great patches growing so close? But, for those of you looking for a field of bluebonnets perfect for picture taking, I suggest the Salem Lutheran Church grounds in Brenham. Awesome fields of flowers with a darling white church in the background and free.
Ah, bluebonnets, proof that God Blessed Texas!


  1. I remember your bluebonnet pics from last year... They were some of the prettiest I had ever seen!

  2. Great images Elz! I'm hoping to get to see them for myself this year when we drive to Warrenton on Sunday.

  3. Bluebonnets... I could use a whole bunch of them for next week.
    A friday's favorite for sure :-)

  4. Those are from your neighborhood!? Awesome! We drove to Austin this weekend and enjoyed seeing the bluebonnets along the way. So pretty!


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