A Big Change

Guess what this is?If you guessed about 26 inches of hair, you'd be right. My girls and I started growing our hair in August, to donate to Auntie Rachel*. It was my daughter Em's idea. I was really proud to join the effort. Proud until it became clear that I would need to actually cut my hair. Then I was sort of frightened. No, terrified. You see, I have this disease where I convince myself that I will like a short haircut. Every time I cut my hair, I immediately regret it. This time is no different. I can't blame the hairdresser, she did exactly what I asked. My girls look adorable. Me? Meh. I think I resemble Sally Field in Steel Magnolias- brown football helmet. Not happy. It does look slightly better curly, which is how I am wearing it today. However, my hair will grow back. And, next time I will know to grow my hair even longer so that I can still have longish hair after the big cut. I'm posting this as evidence that I am not one of those people who feels comfortable rocking a short cut. A number of my friends can, I just don't feel comfortable without my hair. So, then next time I feel like cutting my hair, hopefully I will see this post and remember to proceed with caution!

*We donated to the Pantene Beautiful Lengths program because the program only requires 8 inches of hair versus 10 inches. Next time, we plan on donating to Wigs for Kids.


  1. You look beautiful! I think it's fantastic that you did this together.

    (I have a standing agreement with my stylist that she will never, EVER give me bangs, even if I ask for it.)

  2. Okay, first of all? I think you can totally rock that cut. Sally Field is NOT what it brought to mind for me at all. But if you don't like it, consider going back to your stylist (if you trust her, or find a great one if you don't) and getting it layered more. When you say "football helmet" that tells me you're missing the movement you get with either longer hair or more layering.

    My stylist does something she calls "vertical layering" where she lifts a section and goes in with the scissors almost perpendicular to the floor, and then does a snip every inch or so. The end result is a dramatically refined shape and overall thinning WITHOUT the dreaded "shelf" you get with traditional layers. It all blends in and moves beautifully.

  3. you totally don't look like you are wearing a brown helmet...and we would so tell you! although i am now curious as to what it looks like when you do it. often i hear that folks prefer how their hair looks when the stylist does it, but i prefer my hair the next day, when i get to do it.

    i love that you and your girls donated your hair. wonderful lesson for your girls to give, incredible gift for those who are in need.

  4. I think it looks great! Have you tried styling your hair straight yet? Seems like I always like mine better after I do it, rather than the stylist.

    And what a neat idea to do together for such a great cause!

  5. That is the sweetest thing ever Elz- good for all of you and I'm sure Aunt Rachel loves you for it. ;)
    Your hair looks great in that picture and you know with our humidity here it will grow out quickly. It looks long enough to pull back so that might help until you get used to it. If I could justify getting a brazilian blow out treatment every few months I'd definitely have a short, straight bob myself.


  6. That is so incredibly unselfish and giving of you! I always regret going short with my hair too, and even though it's really long now- it's always in a pony tail!


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