Oscars Red Carpet-All the Pretty

The Oscars! Hollywood brought the pretty. I loved looking at the gorgeous dresses, hair and OH MY GOD the jewels. Also, YEA for Matthew McConnahubbahubba's triumphant return to the red carpet. Matthew, I have missed your hotness....Sorry, a little drool on the keyboard there. There's quite a bit to say about Sunday's ceremony. Poor Anne Hathaway. My family loves Anne Hathaway (we watch a lot of Ella Enchanted and The Princess Diaries), but that hosting gig was rough. I think she tried to overcompensate for James Franco being bored/drunk/tired? At least she looked awesome.
As my husband said to my daughter yesterday, the Oscars are "Mommy's Super Bowl." Yes, it is. Here are a few of my favorite looks:
Sanda Bullock. Yowza. A Vera Wang. I wasn't too keen on a bustle, but she's one of the few people in the world who can pull of a bustle and she DID. She looked fabulous.
Mila Kunis. Bow howdy is this a dress to get you noticed. I saw today that Halle Berry has worn the dress before (in red). Halle looked rather boudoir in the red version. I think this color looks so much nicer. Beautiful. Also, I love her hair. Her presenting bit with Justin Timberlake was kind of weird though.
Natalie Portman. Classy. Lovely color. I'm not a huge fan of the earrings and prom shoes. But, overall the effect is lovely.
Mandy Moore. LOVED. So pretty.
Halle Berry. Finally. Halle is actually wearing a dress not a Frederick's of Hollywood outfit. Pretty. Gorgeous.
Marissa Tomei. This was her after-Oscar dress. I'm picking it because I thought her Oscar dress was a little schizophrenic-it couldn't decide if it was a sweet retro dress or a rampaging bridesmaid dress. This, however, is awesome. I love the color and the silhouette. Love it.
These are some of my favorites. I have some that I was not fond of (namely Melissa Leo and her lace doily disco ball). What were your favorites?

Images via stylebistro, AP Photo Mark J. Terrill, gofugyourself, projectrungay


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