Oscar Time

I rarely watch many Oscar nominated films. I've tried in the past to watch all the nominated films and found that they are usually pretty horrible or boring in the name of "art." There are exceptions, of course, but generally-blah. This year I watched several of the nominated films and really liked them all. I'll be watching tonight to see who wins...OK, honestly, who is wearing the best dress. Here are my picks for the actresses (and one male because I only saw one of those films!) All film clips are via youtube.

"Bridesmaids"-I resisted watching this movie form months because I thought it would be really lame. I was so wrong. Melissa McCarthy MADE this movie. Her, and Wilson Phillips. Hilarious. A lot of people billed this as a female version of "The Hangover," but I think this was much funnier. I'm glad Melissa McCarthy was nominated, her acting was superb. She was in one of my favorite series, "Gilmore Girls," so it was really neat to see a different character. But, she's not my pick for the win.

"The Help"- I loved the book. I also Love Emma Stone, so I knew I'd like the movie. I thought the movie was really good with great performances from all the ladies. Viola Davis and Octavia Spencer were especially impressive. I plan on showing this movie to my daughters when they are old enough to appreciate how far our country has come.

"The Iron Lady"- Meryl Streep IS the movie. It's sort of a weird movie, but masterfully done. Meryl Streep is really beyond amazing; effortless and captivating. I love learning more about successful women and Margaret Thatcher definitely was quite powerful. Bonus, Giles from Buffy has a major role in it. If Meryl doesn't win the Oscar for her performance in this movie, it will be a great injustice. No offense to the other nominated actresses, but Meryl is AMAZING in the movie. She's my pick for Best Actress.

The only film I saw with any actor nominees is "Moneyball." I really enjoyed the movie. I'm not normally a huge Brad Pitt fan. I liked him in the Oceans series and "Mr & Mrs Smith" (I hate that I love that film since it was basically the end of a marriage), but he's not one of my favorite actors. I have to say that I really liked him in this movie. What a great choice in casting. Jonah Hill was also really good. Does Brad Pitt get my Oscar vote? Hmmm, well, I haven't seen any of the other movies, but I'll vote for George Clooney in "The Descendants" because I want to see him accepting the award. George Clooney in a tux...ahhh...

That's my Oscar preview. Other than "The Descendants," what other Oscar movies do I HAVE to see? Which woman do you think will win for Best Actress?

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