Friday Favorite-The Greatest of These

I'm in the process of redoing the gallery wall. I just can't leave well enough alone...But, I'm really happy that I have decided to retool the wall because it allowed me to find this print.

From Lindsay, in combination with Emily at Jones Design Company. Unfortunately, it's sold out now. You should definitely bookmark the shop, you never know when they might decide to offer more. The print is lovely, substantial, and makes a great impact. I think it would make a great wedding or anniversary gift (for you or your favorite couple). I'm so happy I bought my print when I did!

Today's Friday Favorite- The Greatest of These print.

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  1. Hi Elz, I have a new blog and while surfing found yours, which by the way is very cute. I love your new print and would love to see your wall when your done. Hope you'll stop by my blog for a visit sometime. (
    Oh yeah...Go Longhorns. I'm originally from Austin,in fact I met my husband there while he was in school and my daughter now lives there. Great city.


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