Austin Half-Marathon and Mudding

Good Morning, Austin. By morning I mean, I was here before 7am. And it was cold.
This weekend we traveled to Austin so that I could run the Austin Half-marathon. Fortunately Regan and my friend Tobin were able to run with me. It was so much easier to run with friends than running by myself. I didn't even listen to my ipod once, even though I downloaded a bunch of great songs! Regan was a great running partner; the race was almost fun. Ok, it was a little fun. That said, the Austin Half-Marathon has got to be one of the worst routes ever-there are hills pretty much the whole race. The kicker are the hills just after mile 11 and at 12 and 12.6. That's just mean!
Tobin kept Regan and I going until the finish line. We finished in 2:40. I was pretty happy with that given ALL the hills (which I couldn't really train on, but I've heard running parking garages helps) and potty stops. In case you were wondering, this brings my total for half-marathons to 3 in a little less than a year. I'm kind of tired.
After the race, my family decided to drop in at our Property for a "quick" errand. The good news is that the Property has gotten a ton of rain.
Or rather, the Property has gotten ALL the rain. The mirror should read "Objects in mirror appear muddier than they appear"!! Rain + Dirt = A LOT of mud. Enough to get the truck stuck.
The mud was just under our doors, and all the way up to the back truck bed. Thank goodness our neighbor was home and has a tractor, Mule, and 4 Wheeler. Thank goodness for kind country neighbors!


  1. YAY- congrats to you Elz- that's awesome!! ;)

  2. Yay for us!

    Thank goodness for the tractor neighbor otherwise you might have had to help push the truck and I can think of nothing less appealing after running a half marathon.


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