Friday Favorite- Trader Joe's Deliciousness

It's no secret that I love Trader Joe's. LOVE. In fact, for Christmas, my bestie sent me a huge box of Trader Joe's goodies. It is in contention for the best gift ever! I got these a few weeks ago-- HEAVEN.
Delicious salted caramel chocolate with shortbread cookies. I mean, really. ALL of that is good.
The packaging slays me; Trader Jacques! Ha. Love it. I've heard that Trader Joe's cycles its products, so I'm sure these are probably not sold right now. But, if they are and you can get your hands on them-GET THEM. They are SOOOOOOO delicious. If...ahem, you can get your hands on some, we need to make a deal!

Trader Joe's Chocolate Salted Caramel of Deliciousness-my Friday Favorite.


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