Friday Favorite- Shopping List

This past week at work has required more retail therapy than I can justify. The company I currently work for is moving to another city several hours away. Moving is, for a number of reasons, not an option. So, I am officially looking for a job. Fortunately, I have some time before my department will move. But, yeah...lots of emotions and worries.

I am DYING over the Pieced Column Dress from Anthropologie.
DYING. No surprise, stripes + Anthropologie=my idea of perfect. It makes no sense in my life. When would I wear it? I have no idea and honestly, I don't care. It's so pretty. Also, I think it looks pretty hott. I might have to try this on...just in case...

I want this sweater from J Crew in every color.
It looks like this is a perfect wardrobe staple. But at almost $80 each? Not happening.

Hello, pretty work shoes with a little personality!
Also from J Crew. Duh.

I'm also kind of dying for a pair of colored skinny jeans. It's a little 90s, but still seems like fun.
I know- totally trendy. Which is why I would never pay over $100 for a pair. Of course, I want them in green, pink, and red,...and possibly yellow. Still, how fabulous would these green jeans look with a black & white striped top? Or, a denim belted top and leopard shoes? Awesome.

Until I get all my wish list items, I'll be stalking the Jason Wu for Target line. SO excited!!

Today's shopping list is my Friday Favorite.


  1. I love that JCrew sweater as well! You should check out the skinny jeans at Gap- they are getting some fun colors in and are $70.

    Glad you're not moving but am sorry about what you're dealing with. If you need me I'm here!!
    Enjoy the weekend,

  2. I'm not trying to encourage spending, but that J Crew sweater is FABULOUS! I have one and it fits super well.


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