Gallery Wall of Pictures

I love using gallery walls and have several gallery walls in our home. I love seeing how our family grows displayed in our home. As part of the great Master Bedroom makeover, I created a new gallery wall in our bedroom. I had about eight frames up before, but they were way too small and didn't make enough of an impact. This gallery wall has more pictures and items that are just "us." I am a (Some may say OCD or obsessed...I'm not arguing. It may or may not have taken me 2 days to finish this project.) I start out by laying everything out on the floor. Once I play around with moving everything around, I cut out paper shapes for each frame.
I then use painters tape to place the paper "frames" on the wall. It makes it much easier to move everything around. You are supposed to hang pictures at eye level, which is difficult for us because we are so tall. Usually 57 inches is a good point. I started at 57 inches here, but ended moving everything up 8 or 9 inches because my husband's hamper would have hit the bottom frame. Also, it looked weird to have so much wall up top with no frames. I decided hanging things at the "right" height didn't matter because my husband and I are going to be the only people using this room. Luckily, I discovered this BEFORE making holes in the wall.

I branched out a bit this time and included some objects, rather than just art or pictures. I have the crucifix from my grandfather's coffin-wow, writing that out seems morbid. But, it's not. At least not to me. On the other side I used the ribbon from my wedding bouquet and added magnets we've gotten from attending bat mitzvahs for our friends' children.

The gallery wall includes our first photo ever together (even before our first date), awww. Our wedding invitation, our children's hand prints, our wedding photos and mat. I also managed to get in the photo of us with a Longhorn-woo. Oh yeah. In other words, it's "us." I 'm pretty pleased with how everything turned out. I still want to add some dimension by adding a couple of frames on a higher level (in between frames), as well as a Lisa Leonard sign. I also need to update some of these pictures-but look how sweet our girls are in these pictures. So sweet, so little. sniff... But, for now, I'm really happy with how this wall has brightened up our room.
I still owe you a description of my antiquing trip with Eddie Ross with added celebrity sighting (Spoiler alert! Tori Spelling & Family). Additional Spoiler Alert! Dean McDermott is Hott Hot hot.


  1. gallery walls like this make me happy. i will totally admit that i never even thought of adding the frames on a higher level, but i LOVE it. thanks for sharing!

  2. I am popping over from the Gallery Wall party. I love seeing your work. (Mine is #10.)


    Gg - Notes on the Journey

    ps. So lovely against the dark wall.

  3. That looks awesome! It is definitely 'you(& N too)'. Seeing all the changes you're doing in your house has me thinking of a few that I could do here....

  4. Looks great! I need to tackle this project. But I am slightly OCD too and am not looking forward to it!

  5. Perfect impact for a gallery wall! It's so nice to be surrounded by all the photos you love!

  6. I have a gallery wall too ~ just walking by makes me smile.
    There is a memory in every frame.
    Friday's favorites for sure :-)


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