Home Goals 2012

Now that I'm done with my first party of the year, and a couple of great projects, I feel ready to tackle my "To Do" list. I'm not aiming for a finished house like you see in magazines. That's not us. I think that decorating is a process, you have to figure out what works for you and your way of life. I find things here and there that I like and find places for them, even if they don't make sense to anyone else. (See: my globe collection and vintage Texas wall map.) Yes, the map still has the NOEL letters up (It is WAY high and really hard to get to and...well, pffft!).
I call it "eclectic comfort." It works for us. Well, most of the time. My philosophy probably means that my house will never be "done;" and I am 100% OK with that. To add to the work in progress, these are my top goals for 2012:

Top House projects
Finish Master Bedroom redesign- new artwork over the bed, something like this sign; paint frames in the gallery wall (the mish mash is bugging me), paint dresser, and maybe recover the bench.

Finish Girls Bedroom redesign- hang artwork, stain dresser, add some "oomph" to the curtains

Kitchen- new lights, paint island, new sink and faucet, possibly new blinds for kitchen and living room. OK, take down the NOEL sign!

Would be great, but won't happen: renovate backyard, revamp closet- add color?, decorate guest room-the whole shebang -paint, curtains, art, etc.

I'm linking this to The Nester's Home Goals link party. You should check it out, there are some great plans there. Any top goals for you? New paint? Furniture?


  1. I like your take on "Eclectic Comfort" - Good luck on all your projects in 2012. Found you via The Nesting Place.

  2. I agree that a house really is always a work in progress -- that's all part of the fun. And hey, the good news is that if you leave the NOEL sign up long enough, you can just leave it up till next year! :)

  3. Hi! I found you on the Nester's linkup and am your most recent follower! I have two daughters, too.

    Good luck with your goals. As much as I like decorating and making our house a home, we don't have a magazine home and we never will, it's lived in and comfortable and us...


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