Boy Moms

I was convinced when I met my husband that we would have all boys. He's just a GUY. A hunting, fishing, dirty, messy, sports loving, fixing things GUY. I was pleasantly shocked when we had two girls. Two girly girls. I LOVE being a mom to my two girls. It's insanely fun. I'm all over the sparkly, glittery, painting nail side of parenting girls. Boys? Notsomuch.

This weekend the girls and I went to visit my brother's family. My brother and his wife have two insanely cute little boys. They are ALL BOY. Dinosaurs, trains, 8 million kinds of things that go-all with names and jobs, etc. (I imagine its the equivalent of princesses and hearing about their dresses and songs ad nauseum). We were all in the car and both my sister in law and I told my nephew (4) to stop picking his nose (GROSS, why do kids do that?!). So, he reached over, grabbed my sister in law's arm and wiped his nose with it. She kept right on talking. Did not miss a beat. I was shocked. Her reaction- Eh, I've had worse!

That is a Boy mom! I was equal parts and impressed and completely grossed out.


  1. I'm Pam and I approve this message.

  2. Yup, she's got it down pat. You need to come spend more time with me & my little man. :)


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