A Bookish Baby Shower

I've spent the last week prepping for my friend Anne's baby shower. I think I might have been looking forward to the shower as much as she did because I knew I'd see her and I just adore her. PLUS I got to do all the decor. Yesss!!! This was a book shower, which was a really fun theme for me to create. I got to decorate for a wonderful friend and her very soon to be adored baby girl. What's not to love?

...The speeding ticket I got on my way to the shower, but that's another story.
There was a lot of this.
That turned into this book page wreath-after about 3 glue sticks and a couple blisters.

It was part of this. (Check out the nifty book page garland I made using the same process as the comic book garland-LOVE).

And this- a crepe paper "ragamuffin" (tied) garland. The crepe paper garland was a new thing for me. I love how it turned out.
I can imagine making it in different colors for a rainbow theme (or maybe for my daughter's art party this summer), or in blues to look like waves for a mermaid party. So cute. Easy too!

I decorated the food table with different children's books, putting the platters and flowers on top of the books to give the table some height interest. Plus, it looked really sweet.
It was a fun day (except the ticket-grr), and a really surprisingly fun theme to decorate. I had more decor, of course, but managed to reign in my ...ahem... "normal" party decorating. I think that's what some would term "progress." (Some- being my husband) Pfft. I don't have a problem, I don't have a problem...everybody keeps crepe paper in every color under the sun in their house. LALALALA, I can't hear you!


  1. Sorry to hear about the speeding ticket! But what a cute theme! I am hosting a baby shower in a few weeks. Are those Moeller's petits fours I spy?

  2. what a cool theme and I love that wreath- great job elz!! Sorry about the ticket.:(

  3. That's such a cute wreath! I made a similar wreath, but with felt, last year (no blisters!). Great job!


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