Friday Favorites-Retail Therapy

There has been a lot of stress at work lately. For me that translates into either retail therapy or eating therapy (stuffing my face). Here's two of my favorite (retail) things lately.

Kendra Scott anything. Most recently the Danielle earrings, bought as an "atta girl" for completing the Houston 1/2 marathon. I bought the Tiger Eye color. Love them. In fact, I pretty much love all of her stuff.

I have a problem. A striped shirt problem. I might or might not have 9 striped shirts in my closet. Which is why I just bought this one. Oops. My reasoning-stripes work as well in the office as on the weekend. Whatever, I like them. You should be impressed that I refrained from also buying this in the red/pink color too. There's no stopping you though!

A couple new Friday Favorites.


  1. Cute earrings, love the tiger eye color.
    Have a great weekend and I hope things lighten up at work for you!!

  2. So you won't kill me when I buy the exact same shirt? Awesome. ;)

  3. I love both of those things. And stress for me equals both retail therapy and eating therapy.

  4. Congrats on completing the half marathon! That is AMAZING! Thanks so much for the love!



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