Out for Business

Oops, so I kind of disappeared. I spent last week preparing for a business/fun trip to Boston and had zero time to post. I arrived in Boston Saturday and spent time hanging with my Bestie and her family. She fed my soul. And, also my stomach-man, Boston has great food. She's the friend who actually watched "Swamp Shark" with me and paused it when I left the room. That's love. (*Side note, BEST worst movie ever. It might actually deserve a post. Awesomely bad.) I'm still in Boston for the business part of my trip. So far it's been crazy busy and packed with learning all sorts of interesting (to me) legal developments. I'll be back in a few days. Until then, I've got some Trader Joe's shopping and apparently more eating to do!

Have a great time.


  1. Trader Joe's?! You're speaking my language! Have a wonderful trip! Miss you!

  2. Awe, sounds like a great trip Elz!! Hopefully you're enjoying some cooler temps than what we've got going on here in Houston this week. Enjoy the rest of your trip and safe travels home. I'm sure your lil ones are missing you like crazy.


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