Help & A Winner

I don't claim to be a computer guru. In fact, I'm probably the least capable computer person I know. Seriously. No exaggeration. My brother recently raved about a photo editing app, Aperture, so I downloaded it. It is pretty awesome. However, I can not figure out how to download/upload (whatever) photos from my Aperture library to my blog. I have good photos too- crafting failures-epic failures and a success. And, snakes! All sorts of exciting things. Does anybody know how to load photos from Aperture to Blogger? Kind and patient Megan tried to help me to no avail. Maybe I just have bad computer mojo. Anyhow, I'd be eternally grateful. Thanks!

While I'm working on my computer issues, the winner of the Novica contest is...Emily! Yay, Emily is my early morning Define partner, so the girl ought to get something special for that! Her win was entirely random; I'd show you pictures of the drawing but I have no way to load them!! Thank you all for your support. Even if you didn't win, Novica has great prices, go and find something pretty today!


  1. Sweet! I am so excited I won! Now to narrow down what I want!

    And, sorry I'm no help with your photo problem!

  2. Darn!! When I saw "Emily" as the winner my heart stopped because I never win anything. Then I kept reading. Booooo! :) Congrats the other Emily! :)

  3. i'm lucky i can turn my computer on. sorry. and good luck!


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