Lessons Learned- The Painting Edition

This weekend, in the middle of planning a handmade birthday party for M, going out of town for five days on business, then three to four days on a mini vacation, I decided to paint the girls' room. Not one of my best ideas. Thankfully I conned my friend Heidi into helping me; Heidi is a whiz at cutting in-ridiculously fast. Painting the girls' room was one of those paint projects that you think will take 4 hours TOPS. Well...we started painting around 10:30am Saturday, I stopped at 10PM. Actually, I finished touch ups Sunday around 11am, almost exactly 24 hours later. FUN TIMES. In my defense, we are expecting delivery of bunk beds for the girls any day so I wanted the painting completed before the new furniture is assembled.

Lessons Learned:

1) The adorable bird mural I painted years ago WAS cute.
2) It would have been cuter if I could have painted over it without it bleeding through.

3) I don't care if everyone else thinks they are going out of style, wall vinyl decals are my new best friend. I am never, repeat this, never painting a mural again.


5) PRIMER, for the love of God, woman buy PRIMER.

6) Four coats is really not any fun. At all.
7) Read the paint can before you paint- Note: Primer recommended for this paint. Noticed that little tid bit when I opened the second can of paint for coat number three.

8) Thank God for my husband who watched four kids so Heidi and I could paint...I might have thought about hurting him later when he said, "Hmm, that looks...kind of...yellow." (It's orange).*Pictures as soon as possible, it took awhile to load these since I'm still figuring out how to use the editing software.

9) Next time, I am saving my money and getting our contractor to paint a bunch of rooms all at once. Seriously-gah-augh-ouch.


  1. Primer. You didn't prime. Oh honey.
    Well, the room is done now, right?? And you got a blog post out of it, right?? There's that...
    I'm sure it looks fab.

  2. Ouch. Can't wait to see results though!

    And WE LOVE the vinyl decals.... I don't care what anyone says, but they rock. Anything that can come back off and does not require artistic talent to look pretty - I'm in. :)

  3. Those little birdies were cute, but I'm with you -- vinyl is the way to go! Can't wait to see how it all turns out! And I can give you our painter's number, if you're looking for one. He is great, fast, and cheap!

  4. I am just like this. I get in the middle of a project and realize I've made potentially fatal errors.


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